Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time for jumpin' overboard

Are you a fireman who wants to know what's in the dish above, but the fire alarm is going off, so you kinda feel guilty reading this, but you know if you went to the fire wondering about what my son had for lunch it would distract you enough that it might interfere with your job, and that could end up being worse than just being late? If so, I'm sorry I didn't respond directly to your emails - there were just too many, and my time's pretty valuable, so I figured I'd just let all of you know at once that TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! That there is whole wheat penne and homemade meatballs in bottled red sauce topped with mozzarella and baked. Mickey is a couple of said meatballs with provolone and a sliver of tomato skin for the tongue.
Now get out there and do what you still can to help! And guys (not intended to be gender-specific)... thanks.
For reading this.

There's a PSA on the radio right now about never really knowing what moments are going to stick in your kids' heads. The intent from there seems to be to remind dads to do stuff with their kids, but what it reminds me is to not try too hard to "have a moment" with mine.
When Primo was three, he really liked fire trucks. He liked to wave at them, liked to climb on the one at our local children's museum, loved to see them on the way to a fire. So I arranged a tour of our local firehouse. It was easy and I recommend it. Anyway, we got to the station and Primo was borderline petrified. He wouldn't talk to the firemen (who were super-nice,) shook his head and buried his face in my hip when they asked whether he wanted to climb on the fire engine ... didn't even ask about whether they had a dog. When we were done, he ran to the car. Not "where next?" running. "Fight or flight" running. I still don't know what was wrong. Maybe he thought there was going to be a fire. Maybe it was "stranger-danger." Maybe it was overload. Whatever it was, it actually left me feeling a little bad.
Then, a couple months ago, we drove by the fire station and from the backseat he said "Daddy? Thank you for taking me to the fire station. It was really fun." So, put another tick in the "better" column of the "I remember that as being _____ than it was" tally board.
Maybe if I can figure out a way to be sure the firemen who didn't have to respond to an alarm earlier aren't reading I can write about something else I did so Primo could see a fire truck. And an M-1 Abrams tank! Twofer!

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